American Kenpo Karate. Our Martial Art.

American Kenpo is an evolutionized system that came from China. It is now an Americanized system for the masses. The father of American Kenpo, Edmund K. Parker, altered older and traditional methods of practicing karate for the United States fighting scene. The basic concepts and principles that are used in Kenpo is to use your opponent’s body weight, strength, and momentum to your advantage. Power, precision, knowledge and speed are integral to a Kenpo student. A person of any age can study Kenpo.

Kenpo allows you to harness the power from within: inner and physical strength, mental focus, continual growth of self-defense, paying attention to your environment trying to stay out of harms way, etc. The basics and conditioning that are practiced in Kenpo are explosive in nature and are for self-defense only. The ultimate self-defense lesson of Kenpo is to not ever have to strike to stay out of trouble, but to avoid it by choice.

Warrior Kenpo Karate. Our School.

The school was started with the fundamental viewpoint that we want to make American Kenpo Karate flourish and be made more accessible to more budding martial artists - young and old - while emphasizing discipline, focus, and pragmatism in self-defense. With that in mind, we centered our business in making an environment where this can be done.

We use technology as much as we can for all day-to-day operations so that it leaves us with more time to concentrate on the more important work - actual instructional work. All instructors and would-be instructors are required to work through instructor training/meetings to make sure that how we teach is consistent across the board. All instructors undergo First Aid and CPR training - we work with Ben White at Health Solutions of Idaho.

We want people to see that American Kenpo Karate is an efficient and effective self-defense medium, and that our school, Warrior Kenpo Karate, is their partner in making them the 'best martial artist version' of themselves.


Instructional Staff. Our Instructors.

What we have for instructors are seasoned martial artists that work hard to be in a constant state of self-improvement in their Kenpo skills. Bettering themselves so that they can also pass on the new knowledge they learn to our students - after all, a skilled and well balanced student is a reflection of the instructors themselves is it not?

Jessica Knight

3rd Degree Black Belt, Head Instructor

I started Kenpo Karate in 2003 when I was ten years old with my dad. I started because I was very fascinated with martial arts, but I will never stop because of the way that it changes peoples lives.

For me, the values that I have gained have become an integral part of my life. The opportunities and lessons that I have learned are things that I will hold on to for the rest of my life.

I have been able to compete in many international tournaments and be a part of demo teams. The biggest lessons that I have gained from my journey are confidence, perseverance and dedication, but there are other benefits including respect, responsibility, fitness, and focus.

I look forward to being able to be a part of your life changing experience.

Jennifer Nance

2nd Degree Brown Belt

Kenpo has been an integral part of my life and who I am as a person.

My journey started in 1993. I took lessons for 6 years, earning my junior 2nd degree brown belt before taking a nine year break from Kenpo to explore other interests such as working at Disney World and living in Denver, Colorado. I always felt that my Kenpo journey was not complete.

I restarted my journey in 2008 and have been able to compete at the Long Beach International Karate competition in California and the International Karate Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since my return, I have discovered my Kenpo journey will last the rest of my lifetime for the many things it has given me; an active lifestyle, confidence, lifelong friends and much, much more.

Ramon de Vera Jr.

3rd Degree Brown Belt

I started my journey in the martial arts being taught by my father in the Philippines as a kid/teen. Life intervened and my studies didn't continue - although the fire was lit, and the passion for the martial art was kept burning.

Two decades later, in February 2006, I was enrolling my, then five year old, son Hadrian at Mr. Hagood's Idaho Kenpo Karate School in Meridian, Idaho and it hit me - I started my American Kenpo Karate training the same time as my son. I was 36 years old.

There was a lot of learning/training/competing to be had in the following years, - it wasn't easy but it was fun! Make no mistake Life still intervened every now and then, but my direct instructors continued to shape what I wanted to be as an American Kenpo Karate practitioner (shout out to Mr. Mittleider, Mr. Newbill and Mr. Czarnecki!). And in 2016, my journey eventually led me here to the Warrior Kenpo Karate school in Boise. I am still learning and evolving as a martial artist, but I am now helping pursue Warrior Kenpo Karate school's goal of spreading the knowledge and the benefits of American Kenpo Karate to everyone.


We would love to have you eventually get trained and become part of the Kenpo family that would provide quality martial art instruction to help educate, what would become, part of the future of American Kenpo Karate.